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    Unhappy 98 GTX RFI - valve cover issues.

    Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me!

    I was dismantling my engine so that I could send the core in to SBT.. and when I tried to pull the small oil line off of that little brass nipple on the valve cover.. I broke the nipple off. (the nipple holds a small oil line that attaches to the oil pump)

    I looked online at parts schematics.. doesn't seem like I can replace that nipple thing... (doesn't appear as a seperate part on the breakdown)

    So I found a used 98 Seadoo GTX RFI valve cover on ebay.. listed as very good condition. (I gave $60 for it)

    the ebay part arrived today.. and the nipple things are fine.. but the surface that covers the valve has more grooves than an old vinyl record.
    (mine is very smooth, especially compared to my ebay part)

    So I have looked at some of the help videos about polishing out slight imperfections.. but there's no way on this thing... some of the grooves are too deep.

    SO my questions are: is there a way to repair my original? if I have to use the ebay part, will these grooves matter? how much tolerence is there.. could I have a machine shop grind this smooth again?

    I can always file a grievance with ebay and get my money back and return this to the seller.. help? Thanks!

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    Default Re: 98 GTX RFI - valve cover issues.

    I am pretty sure SBT can resurface it for you. From what little I know it should have some slight grooves and not be perfectly smooth. But yours does sound grooved more then the norm. I know SBT can do 1997 GTX 787 so they should be able to do yours too.

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    Smile Re: 98 GTX RFI - valve cover issues.

    Thanks there Jeep Seadoo.. Maybe we were seperated at birth?
    Gr8jpn as in great Jeepin..

    Just an update: The guy on ebay offered a full refund including shipping. He apologized and said he doesn't sell junk, and it must have just slipped through.

    SBT doesn't have these in stock currently.. but they can repair mine through exchange for $100 plus shipping. I was able to locate a brand new one (never installed) for a little less than that.. so I am on my way!

    I had a PM asking me what brass nipple thing I was talking about.. so I included a picture.

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