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Ultra 150 keeps fouling plugs over & over.

This is a discussion on Ultra 150 keeps fouling plugs over & over. within the Kawasaki forums, part of the Technical Support category; Hi, I have a 2000 Ultra 150 and have been fouling plugs over & over. I lost the #2 cylinder ...

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    Red face Ultra 150 keeps fouling plugs over & over.

    Hi, I have a 2000 Ultra 150 and have been fouling plugs over & over. I lost the #2 cylinder due to broken rings last summer & replaced it at the end of the season. After replacing the cylinder, rings & pistion I noticed oil all in the bottom of the jetski. Checked the oil lines, and they all were cracked & leaking. I replaced oil lines and have been fouling plugs over & over especially on the cylinder that I replaced (they were fouling before & after replacing oil lines, but not before the cylinder replacement) I have a pretty good mechanical background, but I cannot figure this out. Please help

    I have:

    Checked the Oil Cable,

    Checked the Throttle cable.

    Checked the Choke cable

    Using BR9ES Plugs properly gapped & Torqued

    When I replaced the oil lines I primed them, there were a few bubbles in the line, but when I test ran with the seat off, I could see them moving in all lines using a mirror & flashlight, So I know the pump is working.

    The fouling seems to occur at idle.

    If I run it at a high speed, and cut power, the plugs look lean, but at idle they look rich

    All 3 cylinders have compression of around 115 psi (checked today)

    114 hours

    I read a previous thread about cutting the end of the plug wires & reconnecting but dont know how without ruining the wire.

    As far as I know there is no adjustment of carbs on Ultra 150's

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please respond in detail, I have tried to give as much info as possible.


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    Default Re: Ultra 150 keeps fouling plugs over & over.

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