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    Aug 2008
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    Default 1999 Waverunner GP1200 Electrical Problem

    I just installed an SBT rebuilt motor in my boat. I took it out for a test last weekend. It ran great for about 10 minutes, then the motor died and would not restart. I checked the fuse in the box behind the engine and it was blown. I replaced the fuse but it still would not start. It appears that the engine is not getting any spark.

    Should the motor still run with a blown fuse?

    Could a failed stator cause the fuse to blow?

    Any help or ideas to diagnose this problem would be appreciated.

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    Question Re: 1999 Waverunner GP1200 Electrical Problem

    Does the engine trun over? If the engine truns over but no spark disconnect the kill switch portion its the black and white two prone connecter undre the front hood. Trun eng over with it disconnected, do you have spark if not them it can be your coil, cdi and last the fly wheel did you torque down the bolt to 51Ft Lbs with kry installaed?

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    Aug 2008
    Plano, TX

    Default Re: 1999 Waverunner GP1200 Electrical Problem

    The engine turns over just fine.

    You gave me some things to try.

    Thanks for the info

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