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    Default 96 WaveRaider 760 Jet Pump

    How do you grease the rear bearing where the plastic cone is?

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    Default Re: 96 WaveRaider 760 Jet Pump

    They have sealed bearings and do not get serviced, only replaced
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    Wink Re: 96 WaveRaider 760 Jet Pump

    If you are wanting to grease for fun dont.
    If your grease has evidence of water, then remove plastic cone.
    With pump removed form ski and wear ring and impeller off.
    Support pump between a set 4x4 supporting pump.
    Shaft should be pointing up and area were plastic cone wase down toward ground.
    WITH A BRASS Hammer tap on top of shaft. Shaft should slide off with or with out bearings.
    Once shaft is out either remove bearings from shaft or remove from shaft housing.
    Note you will need to get a minumum a new seal set.
    Inspect bearings if they are bad replace if good repalck with good water type axle grease.
    different models use different bearing but if you can see your bearing balls then you have greaseble bearings. If they have rubber seal and cant see bearings you than have not greaseble type bearings.
    Installation is reverse but first put bearing onto shaft, place entire assembly in freezer, isntall front seal onto shaft housing. next morning align shaft onto housing assembly and droop in .

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