Tigershark Engine

SBT offers the finest remanufactured Tigershark engines in the world. In fact we produce more remanufactured Tigershark watercraft engines that anyone. Our rigorous process of remanufacturing the Tigershark watercraft engine includes replacement of used pistons, rings, rods, bearings, gaskets and oil seals with new ones. The SBT rebuilt Tigershark premium engine is rebuilt with the original block. Tigershark watercraft enthusiasts will love our fault free warranty. SBT offers a one or two year fault free warranty on all Tigershark watercraft engines. Your SBT remanufactured Tigershark premium engine can overheat, run out of oil or detonate and it will still be covered under our exculsive warranty which is the best in the industry for remanufactured Tigershark engines.

Alligator Point is SBT's own private research lake for performance and endurance testing of PWC engines. The facility is a 70 acre parcel with a 40 acre totally enclosed lake. On the lake is a stationary dock and living facilities for around the clock testing. This testing ensures SBT's products are tried and proven.

SBT owns two patents for the reassembly of PWC crankshafts. SBT also offers a guaranteed ship date on its remanufactured PWC engines. This means that if SBT ships an engine after the promise date, it is free.

SBT's factory for Tigershark watercraft engine is over 30,000 square feet. The factory for Tigershark rebuilt engines was started in 1997. This factory for remanufactured jet ski engines has produced over 50,000 units.

When you call SBT, you will immediately know that you are talking to the PWC specialists. Our sales staff is the most knowledgable. Our technical support team is the most competent. Our web site is the most informative. When it comes to a PWC engine, nobody knows more.

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