Unless youíre fortunate enough to live in one of those few areas of the country where temperatures remain tolerable, chances are by now your PWC has been stowed away for the season. Hopefully youíve flushed, winterized, treated the fuel, dried everything out, and packed it away till the mercury once again rises to the point where you actually want to get wet again.

If youíve done your job right, you wonít need to worry about much over your craftís winter hibernation. Thereís one vital part of that craft, however, that still needs some attention ó the battery.

You know, that little rectangular box that we tend to neglect and forget, and then curse with all sorts of interesting four-letter-word combinations when it leaves us stranded on the shoreline? Yeah, thatís the one. Your battery doesnít demand too much, but it does require a little attention if you want it to last for more than a season.

Read the document attachment, to find out three simple steps to safely store your battery during the winter.
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