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    I contacted SBT today to purchase a remanufactured 787rfi crank and I was told to send my crank in first. That I would go on to a waiting list. can you explain this. My crank is fine other than the wrist side of one rod which is out of round by 13 thousands. I not to excited to part with my crank first and i'm even reluctant to send it out first. Need more info and wonder what extra charges there may be. There is no site info explaining this as a method of the way you operate. The internet is good but it makes trust an issue. Thanks in advance

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    Re: crankshaft core

    RFI cranks are core first now, this means that we need your core to re-build a crank, we have none in inventory at this time to just trade out to you. We Never just replace a single bad rod or bearing, the crank is completely taken apart, inspected and All new bearings and rods are installed and then balanced. If you call our sales department they will tell you how long you may have as a wait time before getting a remanufactured crank sent back.
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      crankshaft core

      I have a K&B 61 Engine all broken down, with NEW Ball bearing, to Install. I feel pits in them. Do I put the Engine casing in my oven, to heat up the enine to remove the crankshaft?Thanks,dj
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