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1998 Kawasaki 900 STX no/weak spark

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  • 1998 Kawasaki 900 STX no/weak spark

    Hello, I've got a 1998 Kawasaki 900 STX. I picked it up from a friend a couple years ago after he broke a rod and had it take out half the motor. I bought used case halves, new Hot Rods crank, .030 over pistons, new bearings and seals. I ran it last summer and this summer up to this point. It has always run decent, but has had a slight miss at idle and never hits the RPM on the top end that it should. I went to take it out this past weekend and it wouldn't start. I pulled the plugs and they were wet. I checked spark and had none on cylinder 1 and 2, and just a very weak spark on 3.

    Last night, I got out the multimeter and checked resistance on the pickup coil, stator windings, and between plug wires and everything checks out within spec. I replaced the rectifier and checked all the connections in the electrical box. Still no spark on 1 and 2 and weak in 3.

    I'm hoping that someone out can point me in the next direction. Thanks in advance.

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    If you measure voltage at the battery while cranking the engine, what do you get?


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      It measures 12.4V static and 11.6V when cranking.
      I will say that I watched a YouTube video of the same ski and it cranked over 4x faster than mine does.