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1997 Polaris Starting Issue

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  • 1997 Polaris Starting Issue

    We replaced the battery in the ski because it would not start. The ski will start and run correctly. If we stop the ski and attempt to restart it will not. If we disconnect the battery and re-connect it will once again start but when stopped will not restart.

    1. We have checked the relay.
    2. We have checked the tether.
    3. We have re-checked the battery.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: 1997 Polaris Starting Issue

    Need to execute Polaris Service Bulletin PWC-00-05. Move the Red/Purple CDI power wire (male end) to orange terminal (LR Switched power). This will turn power off to the CDI every time you shut down the ski. This will require the cutting and installation of an extension wire and spade connector onto the Red purple on the CDI.


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      Re: 1997 Polaris Starting Issue

      Thanks, I am in the process of comparing the two CDI's and will apply the PWC-00-05.