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Compression Test what's next?

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  • Compression Test what's next?

    I recently winterized my 93 SL 650 and found oil and greasy stuff on the mag piston cylinder spark plug. I have to mention that the pwc is in its original state, with the autocock and single outlet fuel pump and fuel lines. After reading some posts on Greenhulk, I bought a compression test kit. The results are: 90 psi on the mag cylinder, 120 on the center and 120 on the PTO. Following the instruction, I added 2-stroke engine oil in the mag spark plug opening an redo the test. The reading was 116 psi.
    What should I do next?
    Should I have the rings changed?
    Regarding removing the autocock, I can't find the Polaris Service Bulletin for doing that. I found a post, but would need illustration or a video showing the procedure. Is there any available?
    I'have bought a triple outlet fuel pump, but the instructions coming with it are sketchy. Do I have to remove the carburators assembly?
    Is there illustrated step by step instructions available or a video?
    Thanks for replying to my questions.