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Driveshaft Slides Out Of PTO

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  • Driveshaft Slides Out Of PTO

    Hey all, new member here seeking some assistance. I am currently working on my 1995 Polaris SLT 750. Unfortunately I've got about 1/4''-1/2'' of play in my driveshaft, allowing it slide out of my pto. I have attached a parts diagram to show you the set up on the ski. Everything in the diagram attached is in the correct place, I put new bumpers on each end of the drive, and made sure my o-ring was in the correct place as well. Im kinda stumped, any help is greatly appreciated. I am getting very frustrated with this ski. The PTO will spin the driveshaft if its pushed in all the way, but once the engine starts it vibrates right out, which tell me something on my impeller is not pushing against the drive shaft hard enough keep
    it in the PTO. Like stated above there are new bumpers on each end of the shaft and the o-ring is in the correct place
    Click image for larger version

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