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2005 Seadoo Sportster 951 DI Engine Removal tips

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  • 2005 Seadoo Sportster 951 DI Engine Removal tips

    Hey guys
    its been a while since I've been on the the form, but its good to be getting back to my hobby. My wife and I have a special needs son who is wheel chair bound but loves to be outside and around water, so I thought a sportster with some seat mods would be a great way to get him out on the water with us and who knows, maybe he will catch dad's love for seadoos :) since this is a grand experiment, I decided to go used. I recently picked up a 2005 Seadoo Sportster LE for cheep because the motor was locked up. the story I was given was "It was running when we put it way last year but we did not winterize it and now the motor is locked up, and I just don't want to fool with it." I figured, 951 two stroke... sure.... I can swap that in a weekend.... right?

    The ultimate plan is to put an sbt motor in it to get it running and then do some custom seat mods for my son. (He has CP and is in a wheel chair so we have to mod the center seat so he can ride).

    I pulled out the old seadoo tool kit today and popped the hood for the first time...

    The first thing I noticed is that the DI is different from the GTIs I used to work on. The second is, How do you reach anything in there.... I mean there is plenty of room but by the time I reach over the back seats, I need to be stretch Armstrong to get to the driveshaft or any of the lower parts of the motor.

    After replacing the battery, I pulled the spark plugs and hit the key,
    got the good double beep
    fuel system sounded like it pressurized
    when I pressed the start button, it sounded like the starter motor was spinning for a few seconds but the engine did not turn over or move at all, then nothing. I figured punch out and pull the motor.

    That's the story
    My plan of attack is to pull the pump, then pull the pipe, and then the motor.
    The pump is off as of today and it was frozen up too, but after a little tlc it is spinning again

    Tips for getting to the drive shaft clamps and engine bolts? (Seriously, how do us short armed, large wasted, computer guys get in there) LOL

    Any tips on removing or tearing down the DI in prep for an sbt swap?

    What's the story on the compressor? I've never seen that on the other motors.

    Thanks guys
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    See you on the water!

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    Step one on this would be to pull the motor and disassemble it, if it is locked up then you may have stripped the starter gear when you tried to start it. You may be able to free it up and make it functional again if it is just the piston rings stuck to the cylinder walls. You can also inspect the compressor at this point since it is built into the crankcase. The compressor in a DI is a critical part of the fuel injection system, so it has to be basically perfect for the engine to work properly.

    To get the driveshaft out I would very carefully cut the clamps and boot, because you will probably want to replace those parts anyway. If the collar for the carbon ring is rusted to the driveshaft you can heat it up and pound it off with a mallet once the boot and clamps are removed.

    Feel free to call SBT tech support at 727-443-0373, we are here during business hours specifically to help with projects like this.


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      Thanks for the info. This weekend, I pulled the motor....(Oh boy...) looks like it has been submerged in water at some point and for some time. When we disconnected it, water drained from the oil lines in the crank case. I have not pulled it completely apart yet, but I did remove the line from the top of the compressor. The compressor is shot. The cylinder is completely rusted . I am going to pull the motor apart over the next few weeks but I don't trust any of the ancillary parts either. There is rust and corrosion on everything on the lower part of the motor. I have attached some pics.

      I am thinking its new or used motor for sure. defiantly a little worse off than I was led to believe LOL
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      See you on the water!


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        Looks like I am also rebuilding the jet pump. Any thoughts on an aftermarket prop?
        See you on the water!