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Fiberglass Repair

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  • Fiberglass Repair

    The SBT Tech Guys would like to inform watercraft owners that if they are repairing a damaged watercraft hull it is extremely important to use the right materials to perform the repair. The two types of materials that watercraft hulls are made of are:

    SMC (sheet mould compound)
    FRC (fiberglass reinforced compound)
    If regular fiberglass resins are used on sheet mould compound hulls it will not adhere properly and the repair will fail. If you are not sure of what your hull is made of we recomend you choose a good known brand two part epoxy resin, One of our favorites is the West Systems brand - it is expensive but well worth the money and sticks to all hull materials. The epoxy resin can be applied in many different ways, from paint brush to a roller or thickened into filler past and spread out with a squeegee type spreader. Your end repair results will be determined on how well your prep work was done, Take your time, and remove all loose and cracked material and feather out all surrounding areas to be repaired. Multiple layers of resin and material such as fiberglass mat or cloth may need to be added to complete your repair properly. Good results will come if you take your time. Good luck.
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    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Re: Fiberglass Repair

    Hi Erika, Can you advise me. I put a dime sized chip in the hull of my RED 07 SD RXT this weekend while out to watch the Dana Point to Avalon race in So Cal. It only took off the red gel coat and I can see the fiberglass mesh below, the chip is approx. 3/16" deep X 3/4" around. Can I simply mix some resin w/ a little food coloring to get the right color and fill in the crack in layers. Do I tape around it and sand and what grade sandpaper 600, 800 or more? I guess what I am looking for is a step by step process if this is available. I appreciate the help.

    Thanx, Patrick


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      Re: Fiberglass Repair

      Don't use food color. Go to West Marine or a marine supply store and buy a gelcote repair kit and follow the instuctions.
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        Re: Fiberglass Repair

        A side note here, always use a cleaner First that states it will remove Carnauba wax as well as Silicone based waxes or imbedded petroleum products.

        Failure to do so may result in bond failure.

        Also check the temperature restrictions on the hardener.

        Temperatures above 90F often require less hardener or a different type.

        Generic hardener, Methyl Ethyl Keytone Peroxide, available at industrial "Mill Supply"
        Stores may be cheaper for those doing very large jobs, check with the maker of the base
        Prior to using any alternatives to any product.

        Also never allow your base and hardener to sit in a hot location prior to mix.
        Or this may happen to you.
        I've had Fiberglass burn through the plastic mixing bag and smoke on the ground while popping and cracking..



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          Re: Fiberglass Repair

          There are fiberglass repair kits that they use on boats. I am sure that you can use on of those. If not, a friend of ours used to fix snowmobile cowlings (they are made of fiberglass) by heating a plastic milk jug and dripping it on to put the pieces together.
          But, I bet that if you called around to places that carried tubs, they would have a repair kit.
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