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Compression Testing

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  • Compression Testing

    The SBT Tech Department recommends: If you are testing compression on a 2 stroke engine or cranking the motor over for any diagnostic testing you should always remember to ground out your spark plug leads to prevent damage to your electrical system. Most 2 stroke engines have grounding posts connected to the cylinder head; your owner’s manual will help you locate these. If the plug wires are not grounded while cranking over the engine, excessive energy may be stored up in the coils and could cause them to overload and become damaged. This testing procedure should be used any time your spark plugs are removed and you are cranking over the engine.
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    Re: Compression Testing

    This forum is for watercraft only.
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      Re: Compression Testing

      Often overlooked, this is a MUST.

      The ones who don't ground High Voltage currents WILL soon realize the High cost of replacing ignition compenents.

      Another hazard is fire, resultion from expulsion of fuel mix from adajacent cylinders.


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        Re: Compression Testing

        A number of things are possible for one cylinder to have low compression but it is usually one of the obvious ones like worn rings. it could also be a hole in the piston, a crack either in piston or head, worn or bent valves, bent valve stem, seating problem etc. since the other cylinders have normal compression you can rule out certain problems such as low oil.
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