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Breaking-in a new engine

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  • Breaking-in a new engine

    These instructions apply to all models with the exception of the RFI, DI and 4-stroke equipped models. For the DI models, do not add oil to your fuel tank. For the new 4-stroke skis, we recommend you consult your Owner's Manual and follow the recommended procedures.

    NONE of the engine break-in can be done out of the water!

    Proper break-in of your engine is the most critical aspect for determining the longevity and performance of your engine. Engines not properly broken-in will often fail within the first minutes of operation. Ring failure and piston seizure are the most common symptoms of an improper break-in procedure.

    If you have a pre-mix system (mixing oil and fuel in the fuel tank), then you should richen the ratio to about 32:1 for the first ten gallons of gas. If you have an injection system (putting oil in a separate oil tank), then you should put 50:1 premix in the fuel tank along with the oil injection system for the first ten gallons of gas.

    During the first 10 gallons of gasoline, there should be NO full throttle operation. First idle the engine for about 10 minutes to ensure that the engine is properly warmed-up. Then begin varying the throttle position up and down, up to 20% throttle for a half hour. Then come back and let the engine cool off completely - it should be a good 30 min break. After it cools down, you may now ride it up to 50% throttle for another half hour or so. Then come back again and let it completely cool down again. Now you can go out and ride up to 90% throttle. Continue this for the remainder of the 10 gallons, never holding one throttle position for more than a few seconds. Do not run at a steady throttle position and do not go to 100% throttle. After your first tank of gas, replace your plugs with fresh ones. For the second tank, you may ride normally with one exception - do not hold it at 100% throttle for more than a few seconds. After the second tank of gas, you are completely broken in and may ride anyway you like.
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