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How to Pressure check a newly built engine

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  • How to Pressure check a newly built engine

    You need to make block off plates for all the intake, exhaust and cooling fittings. The easiest thing to do is get 1/4" rubber sheets and cut plates out of it using the manifolds and parts as templates for the outlines and bolt hole locations. Then either use 1/4" steel plates or the manifolds/parts to bolt them onto the engine. Pressurize the case to 10psi for 5 minutes, same with the cooling passages. you can use the pulse fitting, and cooling ifttings if the engine has them. You may need to create fittings for whatever air line you are using. Obviously you also need a compressor, regulator and gauge.

    This is NOT something you want to invest time and money into if you are just doing a one-off job. Take it to a local dealer/builder who already has the stuff if that's what you are doing.

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