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New SBT crank case for 2005 Yamaha VX110

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  • New SBT crank case for 2005 Yamaha VX110

    I bought a new Yamaha crank case for my 2005 vx110 and wondering if I need to bore and hone the cylinders? The cylinder bore is smaller than the specs but my old crank case was slightly smaller in 2 cylinders and one cylinder was right at spec. The last cylinder was damaged and why I wasn't able to measure. Or are the cylinder bore specs off in the book? On the SBT website it doesn't say anything about have to bore and hone the cylinders like they do if you just buy a cylinder sleeve.

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    The 29-410-01 crankcase set will be standard bore and is ready to assemble with standard pistons when you receive it. No additional machining or honing is necessary. Call SBT tech support at 727-443-0373 if there is an issue with the bore size in the parts you received.


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      Awesome thanks for the response!