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Help with 2000 GP1200r project! No spark

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  • Help with 2000 GP1200r project! No spark

    Hi guys, I recently bought a GP1200 on a whim. Engine turned out to be seized. I got it free and now moves by hand. I want to see if it'll run, has okay compression and as it freed up it got better. Problem is I have no Spark. How do I test the stator/Pickup before removing it. And is it possible the CDI is bad? how do I check that? All I did was the old Spark plug to a grounded location to see if it lights, nothing on all cylinders.

    Any help would be appriciated

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    How many volts should the CDI be sending the three separate coils? seems like they are getting nothing.


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      The first thing to check would be the battery; check the voltage at the battery terminals while you are trying to start the ski. If the voltage drops below about 10.5v while cranking, your battery may be too weak to fire the coils.

      The second thing to check would be the stator. You can test the stator by checking resistance at the connector where it meets the harness. Green to green should be 0.56 to 0.84 ohms. Black/red to brown should be 172 to 258 ohms. Black/red to blue should be 0.656 to 0.984 ohms. If any of these values are off, then the stator may not charge or the pickup may not work.


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        Thank you for the response! ill check these things. However my stator wires are different, I have two green, a white with red tracer, a black and a black with red tracer


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          OK for that stator you would check green to green; it should be 0.49 to 0.59 ohms. White/red to black/red should be 445-545 ohms.