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    Jun 2004
    Paso Robles Ca.


    I have a '96 Kaw sts 750 that overheats. The engine is on it's second rebuild. First rebuild was 'cause both cyls siezed. Second rebuild was #2 cyl. I wasn't present the first time but the second time the ski was brought back to shore missing and with only steam coming out the telltale. When torn down I could not find any obstructions including a full tear down of the ex. pipe, pump, block, head and all hoses. Comp. ck. before starting first rebuild was #1-125psi #2-125psi second was #1-125 #2-130. Both motors were torn down to the crank to replace the seals then reassembled with threebond 1211 (I REALLY don't want my cases to leak!) Second time I replaced the reeds tho the old ones didn't appear bad, rebuilt the carbs with a microscope and replaced the fuel pump. The timing was marked where the factory put it when torn down the first time. This ski is bone stock right down to the caps on the carb mixture screws and 'till now has been stone reliable since the showroom. Except for the overheating it runs normally. What am I missing?

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    Mar 2003


    There has to be some blockage somewhere. Blow thru the hoses both ways and make sure you are hooking them up properly.
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    Jun 2004
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