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    Sep 2002


    well, on the 2nd weekend out of break- in Noticed a miss and removed the plugs to replace thinking they were fouled, Noticing 1 of the plugs (PTO cylinder) had the gap bent down on itself. didnt think much about it and changed plugs. Runs great. Took out on the lake today, ran it for about 2 hours, same problem, started missing with a little noise. ?? Took home and did compression test. (not good) MAG cylinder-150 psi--middle cylinder 125 psi--PTO cylinder 25 psi....

    What do you pros think happened? Broke ring? Crank bearing failure and piston slapping the plug? Did replace pistons and upper bearings but no crank work at time of rebuild. The oil pump is pumping just fine..

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    Jun 2002
    Charlotte NC


    Before you tear it down do a pressure test, but at this point it is just about worthless because you will probably replace it with a SBT engine.
    When you replce the engine also purchase carb rebuild kits and clean those carbs. That may be what caused the failure.
    Other items may be leaking crank seals, crack in block, intake air leak, blocked / kinked oil line, damaged bearing from previous engine problem, or just the age of the crank.
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