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    Sep 2002


    Ok-After my 2nd. rebuild on this motor, (#3 piston blew apart-#2 lost a chunk off the top also.) I noticed on the assembley process there are little plastic plugs on the intake manifolds for vaccum hoses or something, and on the #3 intake, the "plastic plug" was broken due to age I suppose. Would this along with failure to properly bleed the oil-injection cause a MAJOR lean condition enough to cause the damage? Plus, I found a repair on the bottom-side of the crankcase that was performed by a welding shop that appeared to be leaking. A little JB Weld should do wonders there.

    What do the pro's think?

    and no I dont want to pull it and spend $1500.00 for a SBT rebuild.


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    Feb 2001
    Clearwater, FL


    Sorry, JB Weld will NOT fix a case reliably.

    Yes, if your caps for the carb sync tubes are missing you will have a major air leak. They are commonly broken off during insertion to the hull if you don't pay attention.

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