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    May 2003


    installed sbt engine in 97 ts 640, went to canal to break in the new engine, went 20% thottle for 20 mins then let cool down for 1 hr.
    went 50% thottle for 30 mins then let cool down, then i went 80-90% thottle after approx 10 min i started to lose power i went down to idle and the engine stalled, i tried 4 times to restart and it would not turn over i swam it to shore and found that i had sucked up weeds some went thru the inlet grate. this morning i removed the inlet grate and removed weeds removed cooling lines and checked for debris. i reattached the cooling lines, charged the battery went to restart and the engine will not turn over. any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Mar 2003


    Do you mean it won't turn over, or won't fire and run? Does it make any attempt to turn over, like do you hear a click or anything when you hit the start button, or does it turn slowly or what?
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    May 2003


    the engine fires but it did not run or idle, however i believe i fixed the problem by adjusting the carbs it seems to run fine now.

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