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    We get a TON of engines in here that have blown due to bad pumps, lines cracked/fallen off, etc. We see the trend of the pumps going bad after 6-7 years, on average of normal use.

    It's not that we advocate pre-mix over injection. I would always recommend, and do when asked, that someone replace the pump over going pre-mix, if the need be. However 99% of the people I explain this to choose pre-mix due to the cost of the pumps. new pumps are $175 - $250 as opposed to a $15 block-off kit:

    This is a general guide covering most models. For model specific instructions, please see our Installation/Removal Guides )

    First, remove the oil pump. On Yamahas and Kawasakis, all you have to do is remove the two bolts securing the pump and pull it off. On Polaris engines and the Sea-Doo 800, you remove the pump the same way, but there is a plastic shaft left in the case that has to be pulled out with a pair of pliers. On Sea-Doo 580, 650 and 720's you need to remove the rotary valve cover and separate it from the intake manifold, then remove the nylon drive gear along with removing the pump.

    With the pump removed, you have to cover the hole where the oil pump was; you do this with a block off plate. Install the plate with the gasket, o-ring or silicone to seal it (whichever was OE). Next you have to block off the oil feed lines; these are the lines that run from the oil pump to the intake manifold/carbs/flame arrestor. There are a couple ways to do this. First you could leave the lines attached to the manifold, cut the lines and put screws in the end with a cable tie. Second you could use the little block off caps that may come with the plate.

    Remember you just got rid of your oil pump and put oil in the fuel, but you do not have premix fuel in the fuel lines. Itís a good idea to squirt some oil down the carbs then start the craft on the flush kit and let it idle for about 15 minutes. This allows the un-mixed fuel to clear the lines.

    For Sea-Doo 587, 657, 717 and 787 engines see this guide also:

    Stock pre-mix ratios can be found here:
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