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    In order to replace the wear ring you must remove the jet pump from the craft (See our Guides in the Technical section on the left for instructions). You do this by removing the bolts that secure the pump to the hull, detach all hoses and cables, and pulling the pump straight back.

    Once you have the pump removed, you have to remove the impeller from the pump housing. You have to disassemble the nozzles from the pump, remove the pump end cone, place the pump shaft in a vice, and using a impeller spline tool, remove the impeller from the pump housing.

    Now that the impeller is out, you can cut the old liner out using a hacksaw or a hacksaw blade. Remove the retaingin bolt(s) on the side of the pump, securing the pump liner to the pump. Locate a small notch in the housing -that's where you are going to cut the liner - the notch allows you to cut all the way through the liner. Be careful not to damage the housing. Once you have cut through the liner, pry the rest out of the housing.

    Clean the housing where the liner was with a wire brush and some acetone. Apply Loctite 648 to the housing or the liner. Install the liner with a hydraulic press or a hammer and a 2x4. Make sure you install the liner fully. Pre-drill the pilot hole for the retaining bolt into the new liner through the bolt hole in the pump and replace the bolt.

    New wear rings can be purchased here:
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