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    May 2004

    Question 580 Yellow Crankshaft Question

    I've torn down my 580 yellow motor because the 'ski wouldn't start and with no resistance on the cylinders, the crank was slightly difficult to turn. Once I got everything disassembled and inspected the crankshaft, I discovered metal shavings in the bottom most part of the crank pan. I have no real damage to the cylinder wall and just minor pitting to the top of one piston and squish area. My most major concern is one of my rods is difficult to rotate on the crank and is obviously missing pieces of its crank bearings. The other rod spins just fine and has no play or damage. The Crankshaft bearings and seals all appear in good condition, rotate without resistance, and have no external damage. Can the crankshaft be disassembled and new bearings installed where the rod fits onto the crank or am I looking at a full crankshaft replacment? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 580 Yellow Crankshaft Question

    You at least need a whole crank. Because your piston(s) are damaged you also need a top-end job - you are much better off with a new engine, as it will also carry a 1 year warranty on everything.
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