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Thread: idle problem

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    Jul 2004
    Mechanicsburg PA

    Default idle problem

    i have 95 sl750 . I only own it for two weeks know . Trying to put a puzzle together here . It seems to me that engine is smoking alot . Also it tends to shut of in the water if you let it idle for like 10 seconds or so . And i also can see a cable hannging around the oil tank . I didn't get a chance to look where the cable is from because i'm still waiting for steering cable so i wanted to do everything i one shoot . What i'm thinking is this is it possible that cable came off from the oil pump so it's dumping alot of oil in the engine and that makes it shut off when you let it idle because the plugs get oil soaked and makes it also smoke . If you guys don't think it's relatied what should i do first . I don't care as much about the smoking but i would like to get the idle and the cable fixed . Should i just adjust the idle or should i do all the carb settings .The old owner gave me two quarts of castrol outboard . I'm asumming that is what he used . I was reading the back of it and it seems that is ok to use . would that make it smoke ? I also wanna replace the fuel pump soon . Should the carbs be rebuild at the same time since i don't know if it was ever done or should i leave that alone ? And what is the valid part number for triple mikuni pump that is gonna work with the ski and where to get it . I have seen to many different opinions and numbers for it .Thanks .
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    Jun 2004
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    Post Re: idle problem

    I put the Mikuni #DF52-92 (three outlet) pump on my SLT 750. It seems to work just fine and it wasn't too terribly difficult to install. It bolted right onto the existing mounting bracket.

    It can be found at Heeters Performance Center They gave me good service at a reasonable price.
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    Sep 2003
    New Jersey

    Default Re: idle problem

    Mine does the same thing. Over the course of 10 or so seconds the idle drops to about 700ish - and if I don't "goose it", it will die. I have raised the idle once, and it helped. I raised it a little more, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet. Make sure you find both idle screws (one in the front and one in the back of the linkage). Are you seeing all that smoke running in the water or out? Because I get a lot when I run on the trailer - once it is in the water it is acceptable. Really makes you ponder how much filth is being dumped into the water.
    They really are so dirty, I think the 2-stroke's time is limited.
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    Jul 2004

    Default Re: idle problem

    You need to get a factory service manual and get the ajustment spec's for the carbs and make sure they are set properly( low speed screws, which have alot to do with your idle/ high speed screws for 3/4 to w.o.t. , and your idle rpm's) Your oil injection should be a variable rate so unless it have been disconected and is open it shouldnt be dumping too much oil in. Also you can check the adjustment to the oil pump as well. The service manual can answer alot of questions that even some dealers cant, just because they are a dealer doesnt mean they have all the right answers. Good Luck

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