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    Jul 2004

    Default removal of oil pump vs. replacing oil pump


    i installed my rebuilt motor, and before i break it in, i decided to test the oil pump.

    per the instructions by sbt, i disconnect the pump, hook up the shaft to a drill, and run the drill backwards. i have the hose coming from the oil resovior in a cup of oil, to see if oil is being sucked in.

    a) i don't see oil being sucked in.
    b) i disconnected one of the three hoses coming out of the pump, and didn't see oil coming out.

    pre-mixing is a pain (in my opinion), but it sounds like it's probably the cause of my initial engine failure.

    i know the kit to remove the oil pump is only $20., but it looks like simply a block off plate that covers where the oil pump is suppose to be mounted. where would i bolt all the other lines connected to the oil pump?


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    Apr 2004

    Default Re: removal of oil pump vs. replacing oil pump

    First Of All The Oil Pump Requires A Gravity Feed Of Oil To The Inlet Side Of The Pump. It Is Not Going To Prime A Line And Suck Up The Oil By Itself. If You Want To Test The Pump Properly Have The Supply Oil Higher Than The Pump To Test It. I Highly Recommend Removal Of The Oil Pump And Block Off Plate. I Have Replaced Many Engines That Failed Due To Oil Pump Or Related Componet Failure. Such As The Hoses Either Coming Off Or Breaking. If You Want To Stay With Injection Buy A New Pump If You Have Any Doubt. Its Not Worth The Risk Hoping The Pump Is Good.

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