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    Aug 2004

    Default Engine Alignment Tool

    I recently purchased a new 787 engine for my 96 xp. I did also get the engine alignment tool with it. There were no instructions with the tool. I did figure out how it works but i wanted to make sure i was right. Please let me know if I have anything wrong.

    -With the engine installed and the pump removed. Bolt one of the mounting plates to the back of the ski where the pump would mount. Attach the guide thing to the plate. Slide the long pole through the guide and if it goes directly into the pto of the engine than the alignment is correct. If it has an angle to it that doesnt fit right with the pto than i need to insert the shims into either the engine mounts or the pump plate to make the alignment better. Once the pole goes in correctly i can remove the plate and attach the driveshaft and then the pump.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Engine Alignment Tool

    You are correct.

    There are instructions in both tech articles and videos here int he forums to show you how, FYI.
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