About 11 months ago my Genesis threw a rod. I had purchased the ski used a few months before and knew nothing about PWC's. The local mechanic on lake ordered an SBT motor. Unfortunately he did not use the oil block off kit as recommended by SBT. As it turns out the oil pump was bad and we did not know it at the time. Needless to say the new engine siezed after coming off the first tank with extra oil. My genius mechanic blamed the engine and SBT sent us a second engine. It was installed and ran perfectly until we came off the premix and it siezed again. This time the light went off in my head and I realized the problem. By now the mechanic had skipped town. I could not find anyone willing to get in the middle of the mess. I called SBT and the said they would still cover it. So I used their instructions and pulled the second engine myself. (I'm a doctor and went to work with black fingernails a few times) I sent it in and they sent me a THIRD new motor. I got it Monday and put it in Monday night( with the block off kit). Hit the starter and it fired and ran immediately. I'm putting it in the water this afternoon to begin the break in procedure.

Julie in the warranty department was outstanding. She was totally courteous and helpful. The tech support guys here on the forums were excellent too. I could not have asked for a better experience. I hope I don't need SBT any time soon but if I do, I'll do business with them anytime. Thanks a lot.