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    Aug 2004
    San Antonio

    Default Steering Cable for 95 Polaris 750 SL

    Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a new steering cable?

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    Jan 2002
    Jefferson City, MO

    Default Re: Steering Cable for 95 Polaris 750 SL

    Sometimes you can get lucky and find one on e-bay, but most of the times they are used. I wouldn't be buying this used if it was me, just don't know what I would be getting, very critical part for safety.

    You may have to "bite the bullet" and go to a dealer for it. I don't know of any non-oem makers of these. Someone else might contradict me on that though.

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    Apr 2004

    Default Re: Steering Cable for 95 Polaris 750 SL

    I have used or can order you new.
    New price is $170
    We have used fresh water only in stock. Email us

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