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    Aug 2004
    Vancouver / Kelowna, BC.

    Angry 89 SP Incorrect cooling system hose hookup

    Well, having managed to get the ski running, I took it down to the lake and fired it up and it ran great except having to pump the gas for a bit when starting (unless its within 30 seconds of shut off; probably a carb problem?).

    Then I noticed there was no water coming out of the small hole in the back so I came in and stopped. Luckily I had only been out a couple of minutes because:

    There was NO water making it through the cooling system. I took the ski home and looked at HLMS's cooling system exploded diag. and noticed that two hoses were hooked up wrong. This after having taken it into a big seadoo shop to have it looked at to make sure it would run right.
    In fact I believe that this is what probably happened.

    When we took this into a place in Courtney BC. to have it looked at to make sure it was in running order and to fix anything that wasnn't big $$ (cost $330 Can) the seadoo shop decided to put a flush "T" in (Since this year, as I have been told, does not come with one stock) and instead of cutting a hose and installing one permantly, they decide to pull the intake and outtake hoses from the rear chassis and plug them into a "T" as a temp flush setup. BUT they forgot to remove the T and hook the hoses back up. This was done last year and had not been used since then.

    So luckily I noticed there was no water ejecting through the little hole (what the hells the name?) and came to shore.

    Also, caveat to anyone who phone into a repair shop to ask what the fitting that is letting water in is for... I as told the intake fitting was something else and I should just plug it with silicone.

    So, what damage could have been done? Is lt likely I did any? What should I look for beofre taking it out again? (After the hoses are reconnected that is).
    I was only on the water for a few about 2 minutes at about half to 3/4 speed (it was choppy and I wanted to make sure things were running good first).

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    Jun 2004
    Glendora California

    Default Re: 89 SP Incorrect cooling system hose hookup

    Those old 580's are tough as nails. If it didn't turn the paint brown on the motor, you have nothing to worry about.
    Bill O'Neal, owner of Watercraft Magic in Glendora California,

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