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    Aug 2004

    Default Debris in pump......again

    For the second time this season,I have picked up debris and my Doo is cavitating bad. The first time it happened I was due for my 10 hour service anyway,so I let the shop remove it.On both occasions,it happened when I was idleing. This time,I had tied my ski up at the dock,and I was starting it to take it to the ramp to trailer it.I always check around for floating debris prior to starting it up,and did not see anything around me,so I cranked it up and it instantly had that same feel as before when I gave it any gas whatsoever. What gives here? I never had this problem with my 94 spi in the 4 years I rode it. This has happened twice already with my new RXP.Anyone else having this problem? Is this pump so strong that it picks up anything from a much broader area beneath the ski? Aside of installing some sort of screen on the intake grate,( I would not even consider doing this,btw),is there anything I can do to keep this from happening? I am no mechanic by any means,and will not attempt to take the pump apart myself so this is becoming any expensive annoyance.
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