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    Jul 2004

    Question Yet another non-starting 96 GTI

    Howdy Y'all
    This weekend while i was riding my 96 GTI fairly hard for about 3 hours off & on, i came in to let my old man go out for a ride. I pulled up to the dock hopped off, he hopped on and "click" no starty. I pulled the plugs to check for water and to see if the starter would turn over without plugs, d'oh no luck. I checked the fuses then jumped the solenoid still "click":( I checked the connections and charged the battery. is it possible that the motor is hydrolocked? or is it more likely to be the starter? Is it normal for the motor to run good then not without some warning?
    Thanks for advice even if it is to take a shot-gun after it, Hynaman

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    Aug 2004
    Friendswood TX

    Default Re: Yet another non-starting 96 GTI

    It seem to me if you jumped the starter solenoid and it just clicked most likely itís your starter. Take off your PTO cover and with the plugs out try to turn it by hand. If it turns I would verify all grounds if grounds look good I would pull the starter. Pulling the starter on the GTI should be fairly easy (in jet ski terms)
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    Nov 2003
    Glendora, CA

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    If you rode it in, it's not hydro locked. Try turning the pto to see if the motor is locked up. If so, pull the pump and do it again to see if maybe it was the pump brearings that siezed when you shut it off.
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    Jul 2004

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    ok thanks guys, i give that a try. hynaman

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