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Thread: 2000 Seadoo

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    Aug 2004

    Default 2000 Seadoo

    Hi, I have a chance to grab a 2000 model seadoo that was flipped over and water got to the computer. The dealer told the lady it needed a new computer because sometimes it will just quit running! The computer is about 1200 so she said I can get the ski for about 800.00. Does this seem like a good deal? She also said something about it will run 72 mph because it is a model that was not regulated and will run fast. I dont know what model seadoo it is as I am about to go look at it, but I do know it is Gold color. Should I try or run away from this?

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    Nov 2003
    Glendora, CA

    Default Re: 2000 Seadoo

    Yes, go look at it, but make sure granny ain't pulling your chain too much. 72mph ? Get real ! More like 52 mph.......... Check the compression while you are there. Unregulated model? LOL!
    Bill O'Neal <br>
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    Apr 2003

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    Looks like granny knows more about performance upgrades than anyone...LOL. Maybe she will do some work on my skis.

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