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    May 2004

    Default After start idle rough

    I noticed when I first get my Honda F12 on the water and it is ideling it runs a bit rought until I give it some throttle then after a bit it is fine. If I run it a while then idle it is as smooth as can be. If I turn of the engine off for a bit then restart the idle is a bit rough again until I throttle a bit.. Does this sound ok or should I have Honda adjust my idle up a little during my 10hr service? It idles at about 1,000 RPMS or less which runs at about 1-2 mph.

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    Mar 2003
    Great Lakes

    Default Re: After start idle rough

    Thats normal, they usually run a little richer at idle which is probably what causes it, most skis do idle rough

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    Aug 2003
    a guy that uses Nitro

    Default Re: After start idle rough

    idle should be 1200 RPM +- 100 rpm.. that is 4 -5MPH.

    yours is too low.
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    Jul 2004
    Saint Louis, Missouri

    Default Re: After start idle rough

    Unless your stern is tied to the dock or you are on the trailer you should be getting more than 1-2 mph. I usually get 4-5. Although I wouldn't mind a little slower sometimes.

    Incidentally if your stern is tied to the dock stop complaining. Relocating docks is one of the side effects of owning a Honda. :D


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    Oct 2005
    Bel Air,MD

    Default Re: After start idle rough

    might explain stbd list in next thread he's still tied up

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    Jul 2004
    Fort Wayne IN

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    your idle should be 1200 rpm + or - 100

    also the ECM goes through a self diagnostic when the key is inserted. you will also hear the fuel pump pressurize the lines. allow this to finish before you start the ski. it takes about 1-2 seconds after you insert the key. sometimes if you try to start the ski before the self diagnosis test finishes, you may get an error codes on some of the older honda ski's.

    the idle is easy to set, there is a black or white plastic knob on the end of the fuel rail. the turbo is one color and the non turbo is the other color, i think the turbo is black also i think the turbo knob is on the front of the rail and the non turbo is on the back of the rail. just turn is a 1/8 turn at a time until you get the average of 1200 RPM


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