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Thread: bad piston

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    Jun 2004
    lake barkley

    Default bad piston

    Pulled my head today and discovered damage on top outside perimeter of my mag side piston. The head has some slight pitting too. I have not pulled the cylinders yet but they didn't appear damaged at all. They felt smooth with no damage as far as I could tell.
    I have other issues with this motor. When I blocked off the oil injection I laid the rotary bath hose on the hull, below the bath. I think the inner seals are bad on the bath so the oil leaked out and shavings were noticable in the hose when I topped it off. So my rotary gear is bad and the crank could be contaminated.
    The thing is I don't know what to look at in the crank as far as inspection. I don't have a clue why the piston was damaged. Can I do the inspection in the hull? I'm about tired messing with it. On average, how much could I get for it from parting it out?

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    Feb 2004
    New Jersey

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    if your inner seals are bad you will get oil in the cyls , if you have brass shavings in your oil line your brass gear is bad you will need to pull the motor and inspect the crank to check if the gear on the crank has moved . also inspect the rod bearings and washers .you will find the problem when you teardown the motor .
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