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    Jun 2002
    Charlotte NC

    Default ZXI 1100 Steering cable

    Whew just got finished puting a new steering cable on a 00' ZXI. They sure don't give you much room to get front cable joint and cable loose. Any tricks for the next time? This is how I did it:

    1. Losened the jam nut from the steering cable end the removed the quick link from the front.
    2. Removed the airbox top to get more room
    3. Removed the three screws secureing the cable bracket to the hull and pulled out to the rear.
    4. Removed the screw holding the retainer on the cable bracket.
    5. Removed the cable from the bracket.
    6. Removed the jam nut from the rear quick link. Removed both quick links from the nosell.
    7. Removed the steering nosel from the pump.
    8. Removed the brass nut holding the rear cable into the hull fitting.
    9. Pulled the cable out to the rear and removed the mounting hardware and slid the cable out the front.
    10 Reversed all above to install.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: ZXI 1100 Steering cable

    Steering cables SUCK on some skis...that list is about right :(
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