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    Sep 2004

    Default Can I Replace A 650 Engine With A 700

    I can get 700 engine cheap. My waverunner 3 is a 650 can i replace it with a 700 engine?

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Can I Replace A 650 Engine With A 700

    If it comes with all the external parts and ignition, yes.
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    Jul 2004
    Hudson/Spring hill,Florid

    Default Re: Can I Replace A 650 Engine With A 700

    its an easy swap as long as its a single carb 701 , i picked up a 701 cheap too and installed it into wife's WR3 using all existing parts of the 650, i had to make carb adjustments but that's all and 3 years later still running strong, you'll notice the intake is wider on a 701 than a 650 but exhaust is the same.

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