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    Sep 2004

    Default Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000 - Water :(

    Okay, so I am buying a manual as we speak but figured I would throw a few things out there first for my 97 Monte Carlo 1000.

    Bought it and battery was dead. Has not been running since last summer (1 year ago) and was parked since then. Apparently never flipped. I played with it today to get it running for the first time....

    1. When I first got it I was snooping around the engine and I squeezed the rubber hose that connects to the purple expansion chamber of the exhaust pipe. It had water in it? Maybe its a pwc thing... but in my 2 stroke experience there is never water in the line for the exhaust? I believe I may have pushed some of this water back into the exhaust and down to the motor??? now to question 2....

    2. ....Boosted the dead battery from the car and turned it over. Cranked over but turned over slow and never started so I pulled the plugs. Plugs were wet...with water !!?

    3. With the plugs out I cranked the motor over and had a plum of water spit out of each of the plug holes onto the celing of the garage. I basically tilted the ski up and allowed the water to shoot out until it was fine spray to nothing. Not really a way to dry it but I had to get the water out some how. Carbs were dry - no water.

    4. With some spare plugs in hand (the same for my dirt bike) I placed them in there and thankfully it started...pushing what appeared to be the remainder of the water out of the #$@% end....from somewhere. I only ran it for about 10 seconds as I have heard its bad to run them dry? I just wanted to dry out any of the water that was left in there.

    Conclusion. Now obviously there should never be water in the motor. By the looks of the carbs I would say it entered through the exhaust. It also looks as though it did not sit on their for two long as the plugs had no sign of rust tom indicate moisture. Now is this water in there from the machine being 'drowned' or is it normal for water to be in that large black rubber pipe from the exhaust?

    I have personally drowned dirt bikes. Not pretty. I am in the process of rebuilding a top AND bottom end from seized up bearings from the water. Basically water pushed its way beyond the rings and under the piston and crank to reak havoc on the bearings. I really don't want to go here with the 3 cylender pwc!!

    Any suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Jun 2002
    Charlotte NC

    Default Re: Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000 - Water :(

    It is not normal for the exhaust to have water in it when you put it up for the day or winter. When you pull it up on the trailer you should stArt the ski and give it a couple of big blasts to blow all the water out of the exhaust. It may be there from that or from connecting to a hose and not blowing it out after it was flushed.

    If you think the water came from when you squeezed the pipe you should be ok but if it was in there for a while your motor may not last long.

    Use BR9EYA plugs or BR9ES I have had good results with the EYA.

    Also the only way to get all the water out is to take it to the lake and run it for at least a half hour. Hopefully the rain has stopped there.
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