I bought a 1995 Seadoo SPI hull for $400.00 on September 30, 2000, after seeing an ad for it on rec.sport.jetski. I drove nearly 3 hours to meet the guy and brought the pwc home. The previous owner had purchased it new in 1995, ridden it just a few times, and spun a bearing on the crank. He did not want to mess with it, so he traded it back to the dealership for another model where it sat until 1998. In 1997, the seller bought it as a project pwc and put it in his garage. It sat there until 2000 when he had to move and he decided he did not want to move this with him so he put up an ad for it on the internet.

I brought it home--the engine was in pieces..
I had planned on rebuilding it myself, but with the cheap prices and the excellent warranty from SBT, I decided to go the easy route. I ordered the motor one day this spring and it arrived in Kansas 3 days later. I unpacked and inspected the motor and it had no scratches, dings, or other shipping problems at all. It was packaged extremely well between 2 pieces of custom fitted foam.

Working part time on this project, I managed to get it all together and in the hull about 3 weeks later. I had to purchase several parts since they were missing when I bought the hull. I finished hooking everything up on Friday, May 18th, and put the pwc in the water for the first time since 1995.. It looked perfect on the water. I started it up and it smoked for about 5-10 seconds (I had put a teaspoon full of oil in each cylinder) until the oil pump fully primed itself. I started off slow, letting the ski warm up. Using the included installation guide, I followed all directions to a "T". Now, 4/5 of a tank later, I am almost ready to open it up full throttle. I plan on babying it for another few hours or so, but aside from that, it will be used to jump wakes and tear all over the water. I think we've all heard horror stories about Seadoo engines, but so far, this one seems rather bulletproof. I rate my overall experience so far with SBT a 10.0 out of 10.0!!

Joe Berns

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