Just got my Sea Doo 800 crankshaft this afternoon (a day earlier than expected [img]smile.gif[/img] )and getting ready to put it in.

The Technical guides are great for removing the engine, beats the Sea-Doo CD manual and the Seloc Repair manual I had to pay for. I only needed the others for a section that was not updated for the 97 XP 800 (drive shaft flywheel removal). Also, none of the guides do justice to the difficulty of removing the mag flywheel, and it took me a while and some help to figure out how to get out the woodruff key.

I thought I got the wrong crank when I saw the different oil pump shaft that came with the new crank, thought I got the wrong one. It would have been nice to see some instructions with it, I figured it out after just a couple of minutes looking on HLSM at later model year prints before I had a chance to call tech support.

My only complaint is when I ordered, I asked if I could get it sooner than normal shipping and the only thing that could be offered was a $100 expedite charge ... seemed pretty steep to me when all I needed was 2nd day (I ended up getting it that fast anyway).

Everything looks good so far, I was ready to install it and looked at the seals on my balance shaft, they are bad too, so I'll have to get a balance shaft now. Hopefully I can find someone who can get me one by Friday so I can enjoy the holiday weekend! I'm ready to get my hands out of the grease and into the water! I'll let you know how everything else goes.

Wish I would have found SBT 4 years ago when I traded in my 94 SPX for next to nothing because of a siezed piston!

Jim Hastings