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    Aug 2004
    Jacksonville, FL

    Default 01 XP PTO alignment, how.


    I bought a SBT 951 and have completed the build-up and am making the swap. When I removed my engine, I marked the front motor mount as far as its left/right, front/back location on hull, and made note of shim(s). Also, I marked where the mounting bolt in the block slot was located. All of this hoping that since my original parts would be going back onto the short block, that my alignment would be within tolerance after the swap. Is this a good assumption?

    If not, I have viewed the video on aligning the pump to pto, but on the XP, there is a few (additional bearing, gas tank) things between the pump and pto since the motor is up front. How do you use the alignment tool, or any other method of aligning if I end up needing too?

    I guess, I need to know after I put the SBT engine in, what indicates a good enough alignment to even know I need to pursue alignment. Is general vibration enough of an indication? I guess that can be subjective, hu?

    Would the dealer align it at a reasonable cost?


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    Nov 2003
    Glendora, CA

    Default Re: 01 XP PTO alignment, how.

    You are assuming that the orginal motor was aligned well. That is a big assumption. Not all are.

    To align an XP, remove the pump and both driveshafts.

    My shop charges $65.00/hr to align a motor. Usually done in an hour or less.
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    Aug 2004
    Jacksonville, FL

    Default Re: 01 XP PTO alignment, how.

    Thanks Bill,

    You are right-- all are not aligned from factory. Without knowing for certian, I was personally comfortable with the smooth operation of the drive components with the origional engine.

    I will drop the STB in over the weekend, and see how it compares.

    Thanks for your input and letting me know the scope and approx. time of the task.

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