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    Aug 2004
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    Default 580 Engine Rotary Valve & Gear

    Took the rotary valve and shaft out of my 1993 GTX. Found the rotary valve scored about 40% around by something being lodged between the cover and the rotary valve. Also found 3 teeth ground off the rotary valve gear. The gear on the crank seems OK. What are the odds that I can replace the gear on the rotary valve shaft, replace the rotary valve, and the motor will be OK? Or, is it likely that there's something very wrong. Just wondering what path to take. Any ideas would certainly be appreciated.

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    Jun 2004
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    Default Re: 580 Engine Rotary Valve & Gear

    The odds of that fixing your problem are 100% ZERO.

    Something broke in the motor (probably a bearing cage) and sent metal into the rotary valve port which caught the rotary valve and stopped it, stripping the gear. The Rotary valve shaft will be bent, so replacing the brass gear without replacing the RV shaft will cause another brass gear failure after a few minutes of running time.

    You need to completely disassemble your motor and rebuild it, or send it to SBT for a core replacement and get a remanufactored motor with a one year no fault warranty.
    Bill O'Neal, owner of Watercraft Magic in Glendora California,

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