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Thread: 2000 ultra 150

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    Sep 2004
    Pensacola Florida

    Default 2000 ultra 150

    buddy of mine is getting a new engine for his 150. he wants to know the best aftermarket mods for this ski and how will they help in handling and overall power. He has 2 2005 ultra150s and he is wondering if he can soup this one up to out perform the others........ Please advise.

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    Feb 2005
    Columbia, TN

    Default Re: 2000 ultra 150

    He's already having to put a new engine in one of his 05 Ultra 150's??? Milling the stock heads or buying some aftermarket heads such as ones from ADA or R&D are a good bang for the buck with that engine. I've got an STX-R and by just installing an ADA head with pump gas domes it brought up speed by 2 mph. My 96 XP never increased rpm's like that when I got the heads milled. I'd recommend some sponsons for that Ultra too. They can sure use the extra handling since they are so hairy on top end. I just rode a 70+ mph Ultra this weekend and it was scary. You gotta have some balls to hold one of those wide open over 70.

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    Aug 2004
    St. Louis

    Default Re: 2000 ultra 150

    Is he looking for just speed? or handling and speed? What kind of budget and what kind of water is he riding in?
    If 70 is what you want then I would try these:
    Shredmaster Rideplate ($300)
    Solas 16/20 Prop Blueprinted & Pump reshimmed and blueprinted
    Skiworx Heads ($275)
    Skiworx Carb Rejets ($250)
    Skiworx Sting Mod ($150)

    That will get you to 67-70
    If you ride in rough water I would add to that list Beach House Sponsons ($150) and R&D Aquavein Intake ($120)

    If you want more speed then you will want to look into Novi 48XR carbs or Flat Tops with full porting or for extream speeds Novi's and Tripple Pipes

    I would check out Steve @ or James at

    My current Setup is, and I see 72-73 everytime:
    Novi 48XR carbs
    Skiworx Heads 42CC
    Ported Cases and Cylinders
    Flat Top Wiesco Pistons
    Raised ports & shimmed decks
    D3 Performance Exaust System
    Prok F/A
    TDR Waterbox
    Skiworx Stinger Mod
    Solas 16/20
    Tripple Pissers
    Tiny Tach
    Modded R&D Aquavein
    R&D Sterring Nozzle Re honed
    Beach House Sponsons
    UMI Steering
    Shortened Trim Cable
    Dual Air Intakes

    2001-Level 2 Ultra 150
    2002-1100STX DI
    2002-30' Baja Outlaw

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