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    Feb 2005
    Columbia, TN

    Default Need info on STX-R steering cable adjustment

    I recently installed a pump wedge on my 03 STX-R and this threw the steering cable length a little out of adjustment. So when the ski is going straight the bars are turned to the left a bit. The adjustment at the nozzle is already screwed in almost all the way and I'd have to cut the threaded shaft off the cable there to let it screw in further and hopefully get the adjustment I need. I also looked up under the handlebars and saw there may be a little adjustment there. While looking up under the bars I saw that there was a hole with nut welded up under it about an inch away from where the stud that currently connects to the steering cable. So it looks like I could remove the stud and move it over to the other hole and possibly speed up the quickness of the steering. That's what I presume anyway. I was wondering if anyone has relocated that stud to the other hole and if there is some other way to adjust the steering cable to make it work well with a pump wedge without having to cut off the end of the threaded cable? Thanks much in advance.


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    Aug 2004
    St. Louis

    Default Re: Need info on STX-R steering cable adjustment

    I had a smiliar problem when I installed my UMI system on my Ultra. If I remember correct there is no adjustment on the steering shaft from the bars. I had to grind about a .5 inch off my Ultra's shaft. Are there threds left on the shaft, and the EyeHole is just bottoming out? If you have a dye you can grind it down and reshape the threds.

    2001-Level 2 Ultra 150
    2002-1100STX DI
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