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    Sep 2003
    Dallas, Tx

    Default Painting Muffler and Engine Parts

    I've got the purple muffler out of my 96 SPX and I'm also going to be removing the head cover off of my engine block. Thinking that this may be a great time to paint both of them. Not sure how SBT does them, but rustoleum has a couple of "industrial sprays" at Home Depot and I can live a couple of those colors. Would it be alright to paint both of these in a high gloss, or would the heat ruin the paint? How bout a flat paint like the gas grill black? Thanks!

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    Aug 2004

    Default Re: Painting Muffler and Engine Parts

    I would assume an engine paint would work well for the parts on the motor. I would look at the paint dept of an automotive supply store to see what they have.

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    Mar 2004
    Bright, Indiana

    Default Re: Painting Muffler and Engine Parts

    Home depot also sells a High Temp paint that is good for 800 degrees. I bought the high gloss silver and painted the manifold, the purple pipe system and the waterbox. It looks really good. You need to de-gloss the surface and wipe it down real good with a cleaner. I used acetone. When you start to paint it you may notice that the paint is not adhering to some surfaces. Those surfaces need more prep and cleaning. I also bought a small can of gloss black and a 1/2 inch brush and touched up the carbs and water regulator valve also.
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