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    Sep 2004
    Las Vegas

    Angry Pump/Engin alignment 91 SP

    How do I know if the motor and pump is line up correct??
    I had to pull the motor to replace the brass gear, everything went back togethe as it came apart, but it is stil bugging me what will happen is it is not in line.
    It do turn free no hang-up that I can feel.:)
    I know, take to the dealer and let them do there magic, but living in Vegas I have not yet seen any good place to go that I trust.

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    May 2004

    Cool Re: Pump/Engin alignment 91 SP

    The only way that I would trust it to be "true" is to use an actual alignment tool. I've heard of too many guys trying to "eyeball" the alignment only to end up replacing parts again in another 10 - 20 hours. The tool can be rented from SBT or a local PWC dealer. It's fairly simple to use; just bolt it to the ski where the pump housing mounts and use the alignment shaft to align the Motor/PTO with the housing. If the alignment is off, just install shims between your bed plate and the hull mounts. Just remember to recheck everything again after you've tightened/torqued the bed plate mount bolts.

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