My goal in life would be to either work in or own a company that takes such great care of its customers and its people as SBT. From my first phone call I could tell that these people enjoy what they do!

My first phone call to SBT was during prime time rebuilding season and the background phone ringing would not stop. Nonetheless my rep Ericka took great care of me like I was the only person she needed to wait on that day. She knew exactly what I needed for my Speedster and she took my order for all the miscellaneous parts that I needed for my project. I was impressed with everything she knew about these motors and since this was my first motor swap, I definitely learned some things.

My motor arrived in quick time and I started to swap out the parts on and install my motor as I waited for my SBT alignment tool that I ordered. As the time drew closer to aligning the motor, I was getting a bit concerned where the alignment tool was so I talked to Ericka in shipping (is everyone named Ericka at SBT?). She confirmed the shipping address with me and said, "Let me do a couple checks and I'll get right back to you." As promised, before you knew it I had Ericka call me to let me know that UPS accidentally dropped off the tool at a business a block away. UPS called right after Ericka to see if I would pick it up or if they wanted a Brown guy to do it. I chose the former and I had my tool in 5 minutes.

Ericka called me back to make sure that everything got straightened out and I assured her that things could not be better. So I thought anyway, because to my surprise she informed me that she was waiving shipping charges on the tool and I should see it in my next credit card statement.

Before I ever even tested my motor I knew I was an SBT customer for a long time. The motor runs great and we are well on our way into break in. I know that if I ever have a question on anything on my boat I have a team of pros I can talk to at SBT. Thanks again team.