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    Mar 2001

    Default 900ZXI torque specs (cylinder / head)

    Ordered a "cylinder exchange" today for my 1995 900 ZXI. I also ordered a oil-injection by pass, just to be sure, as my #1 piston seems to look like the one I've listed at the bottom of this post.

    SBT, I've got no manual for this watercraft. Kawasaki seems to list 3 different service manuals, due to various updates across the years and the cost is what I'd call "prohibitively" expensive. I've read the install/removal guide, which lists torque specs for most of the stuff that bolts on to a replacement motor...

    My question:
    What are the torque specs for the cylinder itself?
    What are the torque specs for the head?

    Thanks for making is very easy to do this replacement.
    For those that run into this, a typical bore and hone job (if you eat a piston) runs about $60/hole = $180. Add in the cost of pistons and save yourself some time with the SBT replacement!

    -D. ginther

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 900ZXI torque specs (cylinder / head)

    OEM Manuals are typically around $60, and are the best thing a home mechanic can have. Sometime NOT having one leads to 'prohibitively expensive' repairs.

    Cylinders 25 ft.-lbs.
    Head 11 then 22 ft.-lbs.
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    Jun 2004

    Default Re: 900ZXI torque specs (cylinder / head)

    The OEM service manual for my 1100 ZXi included suppements for all years. I don't remember the price but is wasn't too bad.

    Excellent manual, BTW.


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