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    Sep 2004

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    What a great experience! My engine is running great so far. Iíve almost completed break in and the motor seems to be running just fine. Ran into carb problems but you guys were able to step me through most of my rebuild. You guys have made my recent purchase of a junk ski a complete turnaround, thanks for all you do.

    A couple technical things to note I discovered during install:

    The flywheel end of the crank had a larger thread and nut than the stock. The original was a 14mm and the new motor required a 16mm fine thread. Not a big deal except the larger nut prevented the crank from spinning as it hit part of the flywheel cover. An easy fix with a grinder though.

    The hose connectors on the bottom of the crankcase were quite different than stock. The front one was a ďTĒ that required a plug. The rear one was way longer than stock and just barely cleared the mounting plate, making it impossible to slide a hose on. Another easy fix with a grinder.

    Thanks for all you do, the forums are great. I will definitely be reccomending you to others.
    Got Wake!

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    Mar 2003

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    Thank you for the notes! Enjoy your new engine!
    SBT Tech Support is here to help with your problems.
    We try to answer each question quickly and accurately.
    Please do not use Private Messaging for Tech Support, use the forums.

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